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MY BOT BYTES | 2 Players | Ages: 5+

MY BOT BYTES | 2 Players | Ages: 5+

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Duration: 30 mins.

My Bot Bytes is a fun and fast-paced action programming game that will have the entire family coding without them realizing it! Teaches kids (and adults) some basics of coding! 



You are interns trying to impress the Scientist to be the chosen one! Control two Bots to collect spare parts hidden around a Robotics lab. Bots can be coded to move using Navigation control cards but watch out! - the Scientist's Navigation System only gives limited navigation cards. Use logic loops to build logic into the Bots to move around obstacles (which include the Scientist's pets!). Be the first to navigate your Bot to collect all spare parts and complete your assembly board to win!

Game setup randomized so that no two games are alike!




Note: The game is designed to familiarize the basics of sequencing (action programming) and logic among both young and old. The usage of the word ‘Bytes’ is to imply a unit of digital information.

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Introducing - The Bots.
We had a lot of fun play-testing the game My Bot Bytes with these adorable bot meeples. 3D printed to precision, nice and solid to hold and move around the board.
Bots are made out of PLA (Plastic that's sourced from plants)
This is also our first game in the STEM category. A fun game to let a child explore the world of programming in an engaging way. It's a game for both young and old, watch them figure out the directions, it's hilarious.

Get your copy and have fun!

Components included:

  • 15"x15" Tri-fold board with a grid
  • 2 Bots (Meeples)
  • 54 Cards with directions on it
  • 44 Tiles with objects and actions
  • 2 Assembly boards
  • 1 Game Guide

2 Varients of gameplay for varying complexity - Easy and Advanced.

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