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TEMPLE TOWN | Build a thriving temple town | Ages: 7+ | 1-4 Players

TEMPLE TOWN | Build a thriving temple town | Ages: 7+ | 1-4 Players

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A Temple in your town has suddenly started attracting a lot of visitors.

You oversee building the temple and the ecosystem around it to boost the prosperity of your Temple Town.

Game Mechanism: Engine Building. 


Increase your town’s prosperity by carefully planning the expansion of the temple to attract visitors and build enough shops/workshops to cater to these visitors flocking to the temple. 


  1. 1 Dice for the base variant, 4 Dice for the Advanced variant
  2. Printout/s of Temple Town player maps.
  3. Prints of the bonus cards and ages cards
  4. Print of the Rules and scoring for reference
  5. Pencils/pens

Game Designers: Phalgun Polepalli & Oshin Vijayraj

Brought to you in the form of a printable do-it-yourself board game, you can now play the game in the safety of your home.

Download this awesome analytical game in an instant.

Designed for 1-4 players aged 7+, this fast-paced game will help improve spatial visualisation, quick thinking and strategy skills.

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