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Game Overview:

Start with developing your business model (D2C or Offline) and build a revenue engine. Maximise your revenue by deploying your product planning, inventory planning, marketing, sales, and forecasting skills. Watch out for Competitors because they can eat into your market share. Check if your business model can thrive even during a pandemic or any economic crisis coming your way!

And guess what? You can raise that much-needed seed fund from investors but it ain't easy. (Just like in real-life)

Note: Your company's valuation is immaterial in this game. Your revenue engine is what matters to win in this game!

All players play simultaneously and are not turn-based, which makes it even more edge-of-the-seat.


Start by choosing from 3 different product categories.


Assess your own strengths - you are the first employee!


Start the 1st Quarter and hire your team of Developers, Sales, and Marketing experts.


Depending on your chosen product categories, plan your design and production phases. Manage your inventory by keeping in mind that end of each quarter a new Sales cycle begins. All salaries are also settled now!


As you play future quarters, watch out for what actions are available to you, some quarters are brutal! Earn hack tokens to navigate through economic downs.

Plan your inventory well so you don't miss a revenue cycle. Strategically plan to place your sales to maximise the revenue from both offline and online channels.

Note: Always be aware of your competitors to avoid losing market share to them.  

Running out of cash? There's always a bank loan. You can also pitch to investors but as in real life, it's not easy to impress them! Give up a share of your company to raise some serious moolah.


At the end of 8 quarters, the most profitable startup (after paying back the Bank/Investors) wins!

 What's in the box?

  • 3 types of Product Category cards
  • Self Skill Assessment cards
  • Product, Sales, and Marketing cards
  • Quarter cards
  • Sales Channel cards
  • Bank Loans and Investor cards
  • Product and Inventory tracking board for each player
  • Currency
  • Hack Tokens and Inventory tracking token
  • Employee Meeples
  • Rule book
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